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  1. Who Should Join SAMCF?

    All Christians and their families serving in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) as well as anyone interested in supporting and encouraging SAMCF and its members is welcome.

  2. Why Should I Join SAMCF?

    By joining SAMCF we can keep in contact with you via post, e-mail, and SMS.
    With that, you receive your personal copy of the Advance Newsletter and the Challenge Newspaper as well as other publications.
    You are also brought into contact with other Christians in your work for prayer, Bible study, fellowship and support.

  3. How is SAMCF Funded?

    SAMCF is funded exclusively from voluntary contributions of its members, support organisations and the public.

  4. How Can I Get Involved?

    There are a variety of ways in which you can get involved:
    1. Get involved in Bible studies, Prayer Groups or Fellowships.
         If there is no SAMCF activity in your area or unit, we will help you to establish a fellowship.
    2. You can pray for the leadership and members of SAMCF, the SANDF and all its members.
    3. You can support us financially by making a once off contribution or even commit to a monthly or annual contribution.

  5. What is the Relationship between SAMCF and the SANDF Chaplaincy?

    SAMCF works in partnership with the local chaplains at unit level.
    We support the local chaplains in their programmes and activities when invited to join.