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Global Interaction Prayer Beacons 2014

The Prayer Beacon system has been set up by the British Armed Forces Christian Union (AFCU) who promulgate a monthly Global Interaction (GI) Prayer Diary, which is distributed amongst all Prayer Beacon Supporters.

A Prayer Beacon comprises a volunteer leader, who either individually or with an established group, pray for the monthly published AMCF Global Interaction 2014 prayer needs.

A Prayer Beacon group can be established from a local church, military unit or any other like-minded locations by any Christians wanting to support the GI2014 in regular prayer.

The SAMCF is requesting friends to consider becoming Prayer Beacon by receiving monthly prayer requests which may take place at churches across the country, Christian ministries, work environments or even from the home.

Pastors might seek military church members or members with a heart for the military to volunteer for the role being a Prayer Beacon in their church, or else personally undertake the responsibility.

To make contact with SAMCF should you want to volunteer to be a Prayer Beacon, contact our prayer co-ordinator via the details below.
Thank you for your continual support.

Dianne Louwrens
SAMCF Prayer Co-Ordinator
Fax: 086 672 2396

Download a Prayer Beacon below:


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